I Have Traffic Counters


I have traffic counters

What’s the Benefit?

Collecting traffic and conversion data is easy; turning it into actionable insights that deliver better business results is hard.

In our experience, many retailers don’t fully leverage the insights that can be extracted from their traffic and conversion data.

The HeadCount Deep Dive Analysis & Productivity Report provides retailers with an expert, objective assessment of their traffic and conversion results,  examining chain-wide trends and opportunities. Additionally, detailed productivity reports will be provided for up to 30 stores.

  • A copy of Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric
  • Executive Results Review
  • 1 hour results review presentation of the findings

How it works

Step 1: You select your sample stores

  • Select up to 30 stores to be included in the study
  • Provide a one-time data dump of previous 13 months – traffic, transactions, sales and labour (if available).
  • HeadCount experts will work with your data team to make sure the data pull is as simple and painless as possible.

Step 2: We analyze your data

  • First, HeadCount’s expert analysts will review your data set for completeness and quality.
  • Next, they’ll provide a detailed assessment of comparative store performance and provide a productivity score and rank for each sample store – always an eye-opener.
  • Lastly, they’ll drill down to 2-3 individual stores and identify any potential missed opportunities.

Step 3:  We present the findings

  • A formal findings presentation will be prepared and delivered via WebEx or, schedule permitting, in-person.
  • During the one-hour presentation, HeadCount will give you a new perspective on your old data, by extracting and presenting game-changing insights.
  • We will also provide recommendations for how you may get more from your traffic data and share best practices.
  • The Executive Results Review presentation is yours to keep.
  • Individual store reports for up to 30 stores.

All at no cost or obligation. An exclusive offer for RCC Members.*

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