I Don't Have Traffic Counters


I Don't Have Traffic Counters

What’s the Benefit?

Today, traffic and conversion are widely accepted as fundamental retail metrics. Retailers who are not tracking today, have a critical gap in their business intelligence and are at a competitive disadvantage.
The HeadCount Traffic and Conversion trial enables retailers who have not yet invested in traffic counters to see first-hand how powerful the insights can be, using real data from their own stores.
You get:

  • 3 month use of state-of-the-art traffic Brickstream® traffic counting equipment
  • Professional installation of traffic counters in 3 store locations (and removal at the end of the trial) * (up to a maximum of $600 per store)
  • A preliminary results review after first month, monthly report for each store in second month and a final results review presentation and report after third month

How it works

Step 1: You select 3 trial stores
Step 2: We install the traffic counters

  • HeadCount will conduct a brief telephone site survey of three stores to determine installation requirements
  • HeadCount will complete the installation at a time that is convenient for the retailer

Step 3: We collect & analyze the traffic data

  • Once installed, traffic count data will automatically be transmitted via secure Internet connection to HeadCount
  • HeadCount expert analysts will combine the traffic count data with sales transaction data provided by the retailer and then analyze the data.

Step 4: We produce reports & present the findings

  • An analysis of the results along with comprehensive reports will be prepared for each trial store for each of the three months
  • A final results review presentation will be prepared and delivered in a 1-hour results review
  • At the end of the trial, HeadCount will remove the equipment – the Executive Results Review presentation is the retailers to keep

All at no cost or obligation. An exclusive offer for RCC Members.*

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 *Available to members with 20+ locations.