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Food & Grocery

Selling High Alcohol Flavoured Beverages: Advance Notice

May 24, 2019

RCC has received advance notice that the Government of Canada’s ban on certain high alcohol flavoured beverages deemed appealing to youth will come into effect on Wednesday, May 29 with no grace period. Members may wish to verify stock and contractual arrangements with suppliers to ensure compliance with the ban. What’s Affected: Flavoured purified alcoholic beverages … Continued

Digital Retail & Technology

Toppling the world’s biggest vending machine with heart and personality

May 21, 2019

In an age of precision and hyper-personalization, competing with an online giant like Amazon can seem like an impossibility to some retailers. The company’s reach is unprecedented, able to deliver to locations the world over. However, there is a way for retailers to not only compete with Amazon and others operating within the platform economy, but to beat them. And, according to Tony Chapman, brand strategist, consultant, consumer behaviour expert and Owner of Tony Chapman Reactions, it all starts with the retailer’s understanding of what it is and the role it serves with its customers.

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