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Canadian Retailer Technology & e-Commerce issueCurrent Issue: The Unified Retail Commerce Issue 2019

In this issue:

Unification nation
Unified commerce is transforming retail through the use of data, creating consistently seamless experiences across channels.

Technology helping retailers transform in the digital age
Retailers are finding their digital fit through a full-spectrum of tailored digital solutions.

Do you understand the Canadian consumer?
Consumers’ attitudes change frequently. Find out what influences their decisions and the experiences they seek.

Insights and data: driving retail go-to-market strategies of the future
Integrated data is helping retailers develop enhanced strategic merchandising plans.

Seeing is believing
Digital video is attracting attention from retailers looking to burnish their brands and enhance sales through shoppable video.

Voice search: a seismic shift in the geography of retail and the customer experience
Voice search is supplementing local, mobile and the internet when it comes to online shopping, impacting the customer experience.

It’s a social thing
Social media provides retailers with an additional platform to engage customers…and an additional channel of commerce.

Generational Divide
Do you know how attitudes of different consumer demographics vary? Learn what they think of retailers’ product offering, online and in-store experience, customer service, and more.

Uncovering the why behind the what
Behavioural economics can help retailers better understand their customers, propelling them to greater success.

Come a little bit closer
Retailers are always trying to get closer to customers. One of the ways to do so is knowing just how close they are.


Exclusive from Cegid:

Equip your information system to meet the challenges of unified commerce.
With the integration of their information system, eCommerce platform, client database and stock management system, retailers can optimize their omnichannel commerce processes.


Special in this issue:

State of the Canadian mall
Canada’s shopping centres continue productivity as landlords invest heavily to create compelling gathering places, and adding ‘experiences’ to create multi-use community centres.


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