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The Supply Chain Issue

In this issue:

Tightening the chain

Canadian eCommerce sales continue to grow as Canadian consumers become more comfortable making purchases online. As a result, retailers across the country must develop their supply chain logistics to more efficiently manage changing customer expectations and the demands of our vast country.

Double vision

The rise of the ‘Digital Twin’ opens up a plethora of opportunities for retailers to create greater efficiency and reduce or even eliminate unnecessary costs within their supply chains. But, what does this cutting-edge technology really mean for retailers of today—and tomorrow?

For the good of the people, and the brand

There is no question that a growing segment of the population is scrutinizing the ethics of retail practices—from product sourcing and manufacturing to environmental sustainability. Ethical sourcing has become a watchword of the day as consumers hold retailers accountable for a widening scope of issues.

Always open

Consumers today have access to an inordinate amount of information, and they’re demanding more. Retailers that satisfy this growing appetite, providing end to end supply chain transparency, have the opportunity to enhance their operations and the reputation of their brands.

Special in this Issue:

Surviving, and succeeding, amid a perfect retail storm

Technology and the speed of its innovation, changing consumer behavior, and geopolitical uncertainty around the world has led to change of unprecedented measure for retailers. KPMG Canada offers 5 key trends for the industry to pay attention to on its quest for continued growth and success.

Real-Time Payments to cause big time disruption

The latest in payments technology promises to further digitize the world economy and remove friction from the payment process, resulting in an elevated retail shopping experience for the customer. J.P. Morgan Chase’s Matthew Parker-Jones explains the possible benefits resulting from Real-Time Payments.

RCC and WSPS: partners in health and safety

Ensuring the wellbeing of Canada’s retail workforce is critical with respect to the continued success of the industry and its people. Retail Council of Canada and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services together offer valuable support and guidance to help retailers achieve their health and safety goals.

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