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Current Issue: The Sustainability Issue 2019

In this issue:

360-degrees of the modern retail economy
How the circular economy is reducing waste and maximizing value—and what that means for the retailer of tomorrow.

AI-powered retail drives sustainability
The power of artificial intelligence is helping retailers realize the full potential of their massive banks of data, enhance their sustainability efforts and boost customer service and satisfaction levels.

Tech rescue—smart retail cost-savers
Technological innovations are helping retailers provide remarkable experiences for their customers, engendering loyalty and a sense of excitement among them.

Reinventing the future today
How retailers can transform their brands for greater success and growth by developing a deep understanding of the customer and the reasons they shop with them.

Retailers step lightly
Customer data and the right technologies are helping to create consistently personalized experiences across all channels. Find out how it can be done and the resulting opportunities.

The power of social engagement
Retailers and retail landlords are embracing the spirit of community involvement programs to contribute to the communities they serve and elevate their brand.

Inside the mind of the conscious consumer
Canadians care about the environment. But, what do they expect of their favourite brands when it comes to environmental and social responsibility?

Toppling the world’s biggest vending machine with heart and personality
Retailers looking to compete with and beat Amazon can do so by being what the online giant isn’t.

Winning with culture
Building and sustaining a winning culture goes well beyond creating a mission statement or corporate values. A positive culture is something that is ingrained within operations from the top of the organization down.

Cadillac Fairview: Developing a culture of sustainability
As one of Canada’s largest commercial real estate developers, Cadillac Fairview recognizes the importance of operating responsibly for the good of tomorrow.


Special in this issue:

Removing microbeads from Canadian waters
On January 1, 2018, the Microbeads in Toiletries Regulations came into force, stopping the manufacture and import of toiletries that contained microbeads.


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