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National Seasonally Adjusted total monthly retail sales (less Autos & Gas) increased 3.0 per cent over the comparable month last year, and decreased 1.2 per cent versus the prior month

Retail Council of Canada Overview:

Some of the retail sectors that have seen the strongest growth over the last 12 months saw a month-over-month decline in June, notably footwear and clothing, suggesting that the early warm spring saw customers making their purchases earlier this year than during last year’s cold start. p.6

Ontario retail sales were flat during both May and June, following strong growth in the first four months of 2016. p.3

By contrast, British Columbia is doing quite well. June saw a modest 0.2% growth over May sales but the year-over-year number for June 2016 is up 5.2%. p. 3

Quebec saw the largest decline this month, with sales down -0.8% from May. It is not clear what accounts for this decline, but Climat-Quebec notes that “Spring 2013 was warmer than normal everywhere in Quebeci” . This may have advanced Quebec consumers’ seasonal purchases into May, which is borne out by the May’s sales numbers, which were up 1.0% from April and a full 5.0% higher than in May 2015. p.3.

Alberta sales continue to reflect the effect of low oil prices and to some degree, the Fort McMurray fires. The 12-month rolling sales number for Alberta is down -3.6%, although this number is a somewhat more reasonable -0.1% when autos and gasoline sales are removed from the picture. pp 11 & 12

Supermarket and grocery stores are down -0.9% month-over-month in June 2016 and had only gained 0.6% over June 2015. This is likely attributable increased competition in grocery pricing rather than a demand reduction. p.5

Canadian cross-border travel to the U.S. was down -1.5% in June from May’s numbers and down -11.9% over 12 months, reflecting the depreciation of the Canadian dollar. Unsurprisingly, U.S. visits to Canada were up by 4.0% over 12-months, for likely the same reason. p.22


(Total monthly retail sales compared to the same month the previous year)