Alberta’s Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, Honourable Lori Sigurdson, has announced that the province’s minimum wage will increase to $11.20 effective October 1, 2015. Alberta’s liquor server wage will increase to $10.70 and will be eliminated in 2016.

More information on Alberta’s minimum wage can be found here.

Current Status:

As part of its election platform, the NDP committed to raising Alberta’s minimum wage to $15.00 by 2018.

RCC provided our submission to the Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour regarding the Alberta government’s promise to raise Alberta’s minimum wage on June 16.

RCC, along with other business organizations, had urged the Alberta government to make changes to the minimum wage one year at a time rather than announce a four year schedule of changes up to and including 2018. During the government’s industry consultation meeting which RCC attended on June 11, both the Minister and Premier Notley indicated that the government will make changes to the minimum wage on an annual basis.

The government has committed to undertake further consultation and economic analysis before defining future increases.

Next Steps:

RCC will be meeting with Finance Minister Ceci in July and this will be a key issue that will be raised during that meeting. RCC has also requested a meeting with Minister Sigurdson and we expect to meet with her sometime this summer.

We will continue pushing for minimum wage changes to be based on economic indicators, not political agendas. RCC will be part of the ongoing consultation the Minister has indicated will take place as the government moves forward on implementing its campaign promise.

We will also be sharing our submission and recommendations with members of Alberta’s official opposition, the Wild Rose Party, to ensure they are fully informed of our position.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact: Lanny McInnes, Director -  Government Relations (Prairies) at: [email protected] or 204-253-1654