Retail Council of Canada (RCC) today announced a new food safety partnership with the University of Guelph and McGill University. Called the Safe Food Forum, this partnership will help food retailers keep informed about evolving food safety challenges and continuously improve food safety management strategies to ensure safe food for all Canadians. 

“A recent study indicated that the Canada food safety record is ranked among the highest in the developed world,” says Dave Wilkes, RCC’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Grocery Division. “The Safe Food Forum will build on Canada’s strong food safety foundation and identify additional opportunities to improve and enhance our strong record of providing Canadian consumers with safe, quality food.”

“The Forum, the first of its kind in Canada, will integrate knowledge and best practices from global food safety institutions and Universities to identify opportunities to improve Canadian industry knowledge of new scientific discoveries that can be used to improve current food safety protocols and practices,” says Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, Associate Professor & Ian and Jayne Munro Chair in Food-Safety at McGill. “The food industry has become global and the industry must also work globally to understand food risks and optimize food safety strategies. This partnership will help Retail Council of Canada members achieve that goal.”

Dr. Art Hill, Professor and Chair of the University of Guelph’s Food Science Department says, “the Safe Food Forum will also help develop the next generation of Canadian food safety experts, creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work with senior scientists and faculty on emerging food safety issues and new risk mitigating technologies.”

The Partnership’s initial work will focus on providing input to current government regulatory proposals as well as undertaking a global scan of new food safety risk assessments and regulatory environments to identify areas where retailers can improve food safety protocols and best practices.

For further information:

Retail Council of Canada: Sharon Armstrong, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications; 416-574-2552; [email protected]

University of Guelph: Dr. Romina Zanabria Eyzaguirre, Food Safety Project Coordinator, Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety, University of Guelph; 519-824-4120 x53613; [email protected]

McGill University: Nadia Wendowsky, Associate Director of Development (Interim), Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; 514-398-7593; [email protected]