Member Update/Impact

Canada Post unveiled a five-point plan that it says will form the foundation of a new postal system designed to better serve busy Canadians and meet their changing needs.

The plan includes:

• Converting households who currently receive their mail at their door to community mailbox delivery (over the next 5 years)

• Introducing a new tiered pricing structure for Lettermail under 30g with prices increasing from 63 cents to:
o 75 cents for companies who meter their first-class mail
o 85 cents for stamps purchase in coils or booklets
o $1 per individually purchased stamp

New Pricing to take effect March 31, 2014

• Expanding its retail network by opening new franchise postal outlets in stores across Canada.

• Streamlining operations; and,

•  Addressing the cost of labour.

It is important to note what is not included in the plan:  There are no changes being announced for Admail, and after consultations with small business, Canada Post has said it will maintain daily delivery of Lettermail and parcels.

RCC Next Steps

RCC will be investigating the implication of these changes to better understand the impact on merchants, especially independent retailers.

Members with concerns or specific examples of how these new rates will impact them are asked to email Michael LeBlanc, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Digital Retail at [email protected] or 416-467-3748

Canada Post documents can be found here on RCC’s website:

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The Future of Canada Post – Our Consultations with Canadians
Canada Posts Five-point Action Plan – Ready for the Future