Canada's new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will come into force on July 1, 2014.

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CASL will impose significant requirements on retailers who engage in any form of email or online marketing. The legislation received Royal Assent in 2010 and was awaiting regulations to define key terms, outline exemptions and bring it into force. Draft regulations were proposed in 2011 and again in 2013. Further to RCC's efforts in working with Industry Canada officials and Minister Moore's office, a number of improvements are evident in the current regulations, including a grandfathering of current consents and the 6 month delayed coming into force period.

These final regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II on December 18, and are available already on Industry Canada's "fightspam" website.

RCC will be conducting a detailed review and will issue a comprehensive analysis early next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions in the meantime.

Jason McLinton
Senior Director, Federal Government Relations | Directeur principal, Relations avec le gouvernement fédéral
Retail Council of Canada | Conseil canadien du commerce de détail
[email protected]