• Amendments to changes in tariff laws that will ensure Least Developed Countries (LDC) are exempt from changes to the General Preferential Tariffs (GPTs).  This is a significant win for our apparel members and ensures that tariffs applied to products sourced from countries such as Bangladesh will continue to be imported with minimal or no tariffs as opposed to GPT rate which is in the range of 18%.
  • Approval of Interac restructuring plan, which was supported by RCC, by Competition Tribunal will facilitate the ongoing viability of this payment option and ensure merchants continue to be able to offer their consumers a low cost debit option to pay for their purchases.
  • Exemption of micro SD cards new copyright laws ensuring that items such as cell phones and other products which contain micro SD are not subject to increased costs.

Look for these activities for the balance of the 2013:

  • Convincing the Minister of Finance that the only effective option to address spiralling credit card fees is introducing a cap on fees similar to many other jurisdictions around the world.
  • Gaining support for amendments to the Competition and /or Copyright Acts to provide Canadian retailers with access to products available on the gray market and improve members ability to compete with lower cost items in the U.S.