WorkSafeBC announced decisions regarding proposed amendments but did not proceed with proposed amendments on steel storage racking at this time.  RCC has been advised that WorkSafeBC will hold further consultations to better define what fixtures would be impacted by such a regulation.

Next Steps

RCC will continue to work with WorkSafeBC towards the creation of a sound regulatory proposal.  We will continue both to update members on this file.  We are grateful to members for their continuing assistance as members have significant appropriate subject-matter expertise.


In early 2016, WorkSafeBC circulated proposed amendments to B.C.’s Occupational Health and Safety regulation which would have impacted all steel fixtures in workplaces across B.C.  The proposed change would have impacted all steel fixtures in stores including those in customer-facing areas. 

RCC and our members are very supportive of measures to protect the safety of employees in the retail industry.  The implications of the proposed regulation were considerable and no research had been undertaken regarding the impact of the proposals.  RCC asked WorkSafeBC to exclude steel fixtures in retail stores from the proposed regulation until those impacts could be fully understood.

Essentially, stores would have been required to ensure that all fixtures were assembled, installed, regularly maintained and used in accordance with good engineering practice.  This could have resulted in the replacement, not only of non-compliant fixtures, but also of a very significant number where there was no, or insufficient, documentation regarding the assembly, installation, maintenance and capacity of the fixtures.

In late spring 2016, WorkSafeBC amended their proposal to specifically exclude shelving and display fixtures used for retail purposes but specifically include storage racking in warehouse stores.  RCC expressed the concern to WorkSafeBC that the revised proposal would include storage shelving not only in warehouses, distribution centres and warehouse stores, but also in non-customer-facing areas of every retail store in B.C.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact: Greg Wilson, Director, Government Relations (B.C.), Retail Council of Canada at +1 (604) 736-0368/1-800-663-5135 or [email protected].