Manitoba Finance Minister Cam Friesen’s second provincial budget included no tax increases, no new taxes, and will see the province continue to run a significant deficit of $779 million for core government activities. This continues the government’s approach of reducing Manitoba’s deficit incrementally while protecting core services.

As expected, the Manitoba government will continue indexing Manitoba’s personal basic exemption and personal income tax brackets. This will continue to increase the spending power of Manitoba consumers and is welcomed news for Manitoba retailers. As well, fuel and tobacco taxes will remain unchanged.

Reducing red tape and the administrative burden on Manitoba businesses was a priority in Budget 2017. One area specific to retailers involved in Manitoba’s multiple stewardship organizations, is the elimination of Green Manitoba, an oversite agency reporting to the Minister of Sustainable Development. This change should reduce expenses for Manitoba’s Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO’s), and consequently, retailers and consumers.

Manitoba has also eliminated its Film Classification Board, aligning with British Columbia’s rating system.

To view the 2017 Manitoba budget papers, click here