This note may be of interest to those RCC members who have bought LCD panel TVs, computers and monitors for resale, as such members may be entitled to proceeds from the settlement of $37 million and from any award made against the non-settling defendants.  

Class actions have been commenced in Canada relating to alleged price-fixing of LCD panels and televisions, computer monitors and laptop computers containing LCD panels (“LCD products”). Settlements have been reached with five groups of defendants totaling $37,623,000. The litigation is continuing against the five remaining groups of defendants.  

In early 2014, the courts will be asked to approve the two most recent settlements (the earlier settlements having already been approved) and the protocol for distributing the settlement funds. After the approval hearings, a further notice will be distributed regarding the process for filing a claim. To ensure that you receive this notice, please register online at   

For more information about the settlements and the proposed protocol for distribution the settlement funds, please visit, call 1-800-461-6166 ext. 2446 or email [email protected]. Siskinds is the plaintiff’s law firm in this litigation.