Expansion of stewardship programs, including the introduction of new programs, for the electronics and electrical category in British Columbia.  The new and expanded programs will launch on July 1, 2012.


Assist members in understanding and complying with the regulation and new programs.

Ensure that all product categories are captured under the various program plans and that member concerns continue to be addressed through program implementation.

Work with stewardship organizations to coordinate communications around program implementation to ensure smooth program launch.


British Columbia is entering the final phase in its expansion of the Electronics and Electrical categories for product stewardship programs.  A range of new and existing stewardship agencies, as well as some individual companies, submitted 15 program plans on October 1st for review by the Ministry of Environment. 

The majority of products are being captured in expanding programs; some are covered under new programs.  Key programs include:

  • Electronic Products Recycling Association BC (EPRA BC) – Expansion to include a wide range of products including audio/visual equipment, IT and telecom equipment, medical monitoring and treatment devices, video gaming systems and accessories, electronic musical instruments.
  • Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA) Electrocycle Program – Expansion to include power tools, sporting and leisure equipment, and craft and hobby products.
  • Product Care “LightRecycle” Program – Expansion to include lighting fixtures and all bulb types.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) – New program created to cover outdoor power equipment.
  • Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and RCC – New program, co-sponsored by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers – AHAM (formerly Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association – CAMA) and RCC to cover major appliances.
  • Canadian Brand-owners’ Residual Stewardship Corporation – New program created to cover electronic toys.
  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) - New program created to coverlarge air treatment appliances, including, without limitation, furnaces and large heaters, dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

A complete list of the products included in each program is available through the program websites that are included in the below chart.

Current Status:
RCC is participating in regular meetings with the program operators to ensure that the communications, especially as it relates to POS and in-store materials, are implemented in a co-ordinated manner given the multiple agencies and diversity of products involved with this launch.  Examples of the communication activities already underway include:

  • Coordinated POS Brochure has been created to support the four main programs with visible fees (EPRA, ElectroCycle, Outdoor Power Equipment and LightRecycle).  Electronic copies are available through RCC.
  • Matte stories (pre-written news articles sent to community newspapers across BC).
  • Audio News Releases (pre-recorded broadcast clips sent to 225 radio stations across BC).
  • Advertorials.

Next Steps:

Media Policy – In an effort to streamline, coordinate and manage the media relations on the launch of the Phase V programs, RCC will act as spokesperson on behalf of the sector. By instituting this, we are striving to provide consistent, accurate information whenever a media request is made on the launch of this program, which as you know, has a number of variables to it and hence requires a coordinated strategy to manage any issues associated with it.

In order to ensure this process works, it is important that all media inquiries are handled the same way and are filtered through the appropriate channels within RCC. This will supplement the role that your team members will play with customers directly in-store when any queries arise. Hence, we would like to ask you to funnel any media requests on the new recycling programs, to Sally Ritchie at [email protected].

Agency Contact Information – A list of the stewardship agencies and their contact information is included in the table below for retailers who require further specific information on any of the programs, including program membership and detailed product listings.

Outstanding Issues – RCC continues to work with the Ministry regarding some outstanding issues related to specific products and product categories. 

If you have questions about the Phase V programs and where specific products will be captured, please contact Allen Langdon, VP Sustainability at [email protected] or (604) 633-3145 or Alison Corbett, Director, Health & Wellness and Environment at [email protected] or (416) 922-0553 ext 234.


Stewardship Programs for Expanded Electronics Recycling Programs in British Columbia


New Program


Website and Contact Information

Electronic Products Recycling Association British Columbia (EPRA BC)


Audio/Visual Equipment, Technical Equipment, IT and Telecom Equipment, Medical Devices, Video Gaming Systems, Musical Instruments


Craig Wisehart, Executive Director EPRA
Phone: 604-291-1002
Email: [email protected]

Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA)


Power Tools, Sporting and Leisure Equipment, and Craft and Hobby Products


Julie Robertson
Phone: 1-877-670-CESA (2372)
Email: [email protected]

Product Care “LightRecycle” Program


Lighting Fixtures and All Bulb Types


Phone: (604) 592-2972
Email: [email protected]

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC)


Outdoor Power Equipment


Toll Free: 1-888-772-9772 ext. 219
Email: [email protected]

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and RCC


Major Appliances

Allen Langdon
Phone: (604) 633-3145
Email: [email protected]

Canadian Brand-owners’ Residual Stewardship Corporation (CBRSC)


Electronic Toys


Lyndall Fry
Phone: (310) 826-4914 ext  8930
Email: [email protected]

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI)


Large Air Treatment Appliances, Including, Without Limitation, Furnaces And Large Heaters, Dehumidifiers And Air Conditioners.


Phone: 905-602-4700 Toll-free: 1-800-267-2231
Email: [email protected]