Imagine this scenario: a nurse has just come off a 10 day shift and is in urgent need of retail therapy.  He or she rushes to their favourite store seeking relief – only to be denied.  No soup for you.  It’s Sunday.
For the past year RCC has been waging a city by city battle in New Brunswick working on behalf of members for the right to allow retailers to decide the Sunday opening hours that work best for their businesses – and their customers.

Working with local Chambers of Commerce RCC has scored victories in Fredericton, Bathurst and the Town of Florenceville-Bristol where retailers are now allowed to choose the Sunday hours of operation that work best for their business.  In the City of Saint John, RCC’s efforts have resulted in Councillors unanimously supporting a draft amendment to allow retailer choice in Sunday opening hours.  It is expected that this amendment will be passed by November 2013.

RCC has also used the Greater Moncton area in New Brunswick as a standout example of a municipality that has allowed retailers to determine the Sunday opening hours that work best for their businesses.  The retail friendly nature of the Greater Moncton area has helped it become the retail hub for the province and the catalyst for the retail sector becoming the largest private sector employer in the province.

RCC continues to remind other New Brunswick municipalities that retailers in their jurisdictions are facing stiff competition not only from Greater Moncton, but from other provinces, the United States and from online retailers.  Most of these competitors do not dictate Sunday hours of operation to their retailers giving retailers in these areas a competitive advantage in luring customers.

The efforts to open up choice in Sunday shopping in New Brunswick will march on. RCC is committed to ensuring that our members are given the freedom to operate their businesses based on what’s best for their customers – allowing those business in turn to grow and thrive.