Since 2006, the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) Safety Group has brought together Ontario retailers to work collaboratively to improve health and safety, increase productivity, and reduce claims, injuries and severity rates. We are pleased to announce that 2011 marked a major milestone for this group: more than $2.4 million in WSIB premiums will be refunded to our participating members, which is our largest rebate ever.

Retailers know that health and safety is a priority issue for everyone in the workplace, as it should be. Since incentive programs were introduced, Safety Group has been one of the most successful WSIB programs offered.  A large part of the success of this program is due to retailers coming together, sharing information and working collaboratively to reduce and eliminate accidents in the workplace.

Working together improves health and safety in the workplace, as is clearly proved by the Lost Time Frequency Rate and Lost Time Severity Rate. The 2011 RCC Safety Group reduced the frequency of Lost Time Injuries > 7 days by 19.17%. Also, they reduced the severity (Lost Time Days) rate by 22.86%.

RCC is pleased to announce that Ontario’s WSIB has agreed to extend Safety Group, and the financial incentive to join, into 2013. RCC has returned more than $10 million in WSIB premiums to members since 2006 through the program. Rebates are paid from the savings WSIB generates through improved health and safety results.  The impressive results are the reason this program is continuing.

Without this program, the costs to the system and retailers would be higher. Retailer participation in the safety group improves the compensation system, the prevention mandate, the health and safety of workers, and the employers of Ontario.

A cheque ceremony on Wednesday, November 14th will celebrate the achievements of the RCC Safety Group and allow us to acknowledge the work and commitment of those employees who work tirelessly for a safe workplace.

For further information about the RCC Safety Group, please contact: Jonathan Farkouh, [email protected], (416) 922-6678, ext. 319.