Retail is BCs largest employerAs you know, British Columbians head to the polls on May 14, 2013 to elect a new provincial government.  Prior to the election campaign beginning, Retail Council of Canada released “Retail’s Election Agenda” outlining the priority items B.C. retailers want the next provincial government to focus on.  Click here to view the B.C. edition of “Retail’s Election Agenda.”

B.C. Retailers NEED:

  • A stronger, more productive economy – stabilized government spending, improved consumer confidence, stable labour relations, address cross border shopping, and grow B.C.’s labour pool.
  • Lower costs for retailers and consumers – reduce red tape, keep minimum wage affordable, and increase harmonization.
  • Cost effective waste diversion – implement cost-effective, efficient waste diversion and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs to meet environmental goals.


Leading up to Election Day on May 14th, RCC will be providing members with a weekly update on the major promises made by B.C.'s three main political parties during the provincial election campaign.   RCC will also be providing members with a “B.C. Election Score Card” outlining how B.C.’s three main political parties have indicated they will address B.C. retailers’ top priorities.

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