Regulatory Inconsistencies Between Provinces:

If your retail company is operating in more than one province, you have no doubt experienced the challenge of complying with varying standards, rules, regulations and testing requirements across the country. Retailers are principally impacted by regulatory inconsistencies in three broad categories: labour and employment, food and product regulations and environmental/stewardship regimes. In many cases, these regulations are different between provinces for no good reason and they simply cost retailers time and money.

Current Situation:
On July 22, 2016, Premiers passed the new Agreement on Internal Trade which contains a commitment to address regulatory barriers for retailers. The commitment centres around three principals:

1. Regulatory conciliation – eliminate barriers caused by inconsistent regulations. A process will be established were stakeholders can identify regulations that should be harmonized.
2. Regulatory notification – all new regulations will be published for comment by individuals, businesses and governments.
3. Regulatory co-operation – all jurisdictions have committed to developing a common set of regulations.

RCC received a high-level briefing from officials prior to the announcement confirming the above and will be watching closely to ensure that a solid plan and timelines are put in place immediately. Our advocacy efforts will continue to ensure quick implementation.

RCC will keep members informed as more details from the new agreement emerge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact: Susie Grynol, Vice President, Federal Government Relations: [email protected] or (613) 265-9448.