On Dec. 4th, RCC members and several industry associations under the Coalition for Effective Waste Reduction in Ontario (CEWRO), participated in a lobby day at Queen’s Park to address issues around the implementation of Bill 91 -  the Ontario Waste Reduction Act. While RCC members support repealing the existing Waste Diversion Act, the implementation of Bill 91 presents significant risks to industry and consumers and has the potential to jeopardize the health of both the economy and the environment.

RCC members indicated that they are committed to increased waste reduction and diversion efforts in Ontario. They have led environmental stewardship programs across Canada and around the world and have also contributed millions over the past decade to support recycling initiatives in Ontario.  However, the proposed Bill 91 is not consistent with the true principles of producer responsibility as it creates new bureaucracies with unnecessary oversight and administration that will add costs to consumers and businesses.

RCC members advocated to members of the Ontario legislature that waste diversion in Ontario can be improved by addressing elements of integrated pricing, affordability and transparency, the proposed Waste Reduction Authority and the role of municipalities. RCC members indicated that it is time to modernize Ontario’s approach to stewardship and to harmonize that approach with other provinces.  A new approach is needed– but not as outlined in Bill 91.

RCC has received positive feedback about the size and scope of the representation presented.

RCC members who were in Queens Park promoting Responsible Waste Diversion and Recycling in Ontario

  • Christine Bome, Wal-Mart
  • Alain Brandon, Loblaw
  • Steeve Cooper, METRO
  • Chantale Mantha, Costco
  • Dave Bois, Home Hardware
  • Lilian Relph, Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Rajesh Khetarpal, Target
  • Jody Solomon, TJX

For more information, contact:
Gary Rygus, Director Government Relations (Ontario) [email protected]
Nathalie St-Pierre, Vice-President Québec and Sustainability [email protected]