On May 11, the Yukon Government amended two regulations: the Beverage Container Regulation and the Designated Material Regulation. Information about changes to the Designated Materials Program (impacting large and small electronics and tires) has been circulated to members and discussed on RCC’s biweekly EPR Program call. The Yukon Government’s information about the changes is found here: http://www.community.gov.yk.ca/cd/recycling.html. The Yukon Government stressed in their announcement that they were working to bring Yukon in line with the remainder of the country.

There are two important changes to the Beverage Container Regulation that take effect on August 11, 2016. One is that milk containers (including soy, almond, and coconut milks, as well as drinkable yogurts) are now included in the program.  Accordingly, the surcharge must be collected on those containers, and the refund provided to consumers upon return.  Inclusion of milk in the beverage container program is inconsistent with the majority of the country – as only in Alberta are milk containers part of the beverage container program.

The second is that the size of the “large” container (for ALL beverage containers) has been reduced from 1L to 750 ml. In British Columbia and Alberta, the “large” container size is 1L.

Next Steps:

RCC proposes to also meet with the Deputy Minister and/or Minister to express our concerns about the Beverage Container Regulation, namely: (a) the short implementation time-frame of the amendment to the Beverage Container Regulation; (b) the inclusion of containers not commonly included in programs in other jurisdictions; and, (c) the Yukon Government’s change to a different regime vis-à-vis container size from other jurisdictions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact: Greg Wilson, Director, Government Relations (B.C.) at: [email protected] or 604-736-0368 or Philippe Cantin, Manager, Environment at: [email protected] or 514-316-8771.