Commitment to Parents

The issue of children’s access to violent video game content has regularly been the focus of media attention. Retail Council of Canada (RCC) wants to ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to protect your reputation as a responsible retailer who is sensitive to your customers’ concerns.

The “Commitment to Parents” National Retailer Code and “Ok To Play? — Check The Ratings” consumer education campaign is the evolution of the collaborative efforts of Retail Council of Canada, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

The “Commitment to Parents” Code includes a pledge to:

  • Not sell or rent games that carry an M-Mature or AO-Adults Only -rating to anyone under the age of 17 or 18 respectively,
  • Display point-of-sale consumer education signage featuring the slogan, “OK to Play? — Check the Ratings,” illustrating how to use the ESRB rating system, and confirming the store’s policy regarding sales and rentals to minors,
  • Provide training materials about the rating system to sales associates, and
  • Respond promptly to consumers complaints about Code infractions.

With the “Commitment to Parents” program and the “Ok To Play?” campaign, participating retailers are doing their part, but it is ultimately up to parents to decide if a game is appropriate for their family and children. In fact, considering the fact that the vast majority of purchase decisions about games involve an adult, this program truly depends on parental responsibility to accomplish its ultimate goal of ensuring that the games their kids play are age-appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a Commitment to Parents retailer or would like more information, contact John Graham toll free at 1-888-254-1654; e-mail: [email protected]

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