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Best of The Voice of Retail – Best Selling Author Interviews

March 28, 2022

Corey Mintz on his new book “The Next Supper” and the intersection of restaurants & grocery

In light of the pandemic, author and food reporter Corey Mintz has written a compelling look into the restaurant and foodservice industry, illuminating a path to a better, safer, happier meal.

Corey shares his research and insights based on decades both on the front lines and reporting around the industry – offering key tips for grocers who find themselves navigating a changing food landscape at the intersection of consumers, restaurants and everywhere in between.

The Power of Regret: An exclusive feature interview with best-selling author Dan Pink

In his quest to reclaim the power of regret as a force for good, Dan has written a breakthrough book that speaks to regret as a key component of human existence – an emotion that prompts us to look backwards in order to clarify how we want to move forwards.

Dan speaks about his own relationship to regret, what inspired him to study this tumultuous emotion and some of the key research points and insights from his latest book, The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward.

The Next Age of Uncertainty: An interview with former Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz

Stephen Poloz, author, economist, and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, joins Michael LeBlanc on this very special episode for an exclusive interview to discuss the launch of his new book, “The Next Age of Uncertainty: How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future.”

Stephen talks about the major tectonic forces that are shaping a chaotic world. Among these forces are an aging workforce, mounting debt, and rising income inequality. Technological advances are quickening the pace of change, but Poloz argues the core fundamentals have always been there.

The Elements of Choice, a feature interview with Columbia Business School professor and author Eric J. Johnson

The way we decide matters. So says Eric Johnson, director of the Centre for Decision Sciences at Columbia Business School and author of the new book “The Elements of Choice.”

In a great conversation Eric and Michael LeBlanc delve into the architecture of choice – according to Eric, every time we make a choice, our minds go through an elaborate process most of us never notice. They talk about how all of this applies to our lives, and our lives as retailers, in this exclusive interview.

Exponential: Transform your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting: An interview with author Jeff Rosenblum

In this episode, one of the world’s top advertising executives tells us how iconic brands win new customers and build armies of evangelists, and guides us through to the other side with his new book Exponential: Transform Your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting.

Jeff tells that great brands stand for more than just cool products and clever advertisements. They inspire audiences. They enrich communities. They energize people. They move people’s lives forward.

Author & Journalist Dana Thomas on Fashion Retail + Why What We Wear Matters

Journalist, Author and fashion specialist, Dana Thomas, has been reporting on the latest trends and insights for over thirty years in the global fashion industry. These days you can find Dana on the left bank in Paris, writing for British Vogue and The New York Times – and, of course, taking the time to talk to Michael LeBlanc on The Voice of Retail about the fashion retail industry and her third book ‘Fashionopolis: Why What We Wear Matters.’

In a wide-ranging conversation they talk about the evolution of fashion retail (from family-owned design houses to global corporations), the future of fast fashion and what fashion retailers should do to ride the wave of a changing industry and consumer.

Winning on purpose, Net Promoter Score 3.0 with Fred Reichheld

For business leaders and marketers from around the world, author and Bain Fellow, Fred Reichheld is a household name – even The Economist named him the “high priest” of customer loyalty.

The inventor of the Net Promoter Score sits down with Michael LeBlanc to peel back the layers of the NPS v3.0, and the new era of customer loyalty in the post-COVID world. They talk about what 80% of marketers are getting wrong with Big NPS, Earned Growth and delve into his latest book “Winning on Purpose”.

From impressed to obsessed with customer experience advisor and author Jon Picoult

Jon Picoult is founder of Watermark Consulting, a leading customer experience advisory firm and author of the new book From Impressed to Obsessed: 12 principles for turning customers and employees into lifelong fans.

You are really going to enjoy this interview on this episode – Jon thinks deeply about enterprise level customer experience from both a customer perspective and what it takes to create a culture that truly creates a remarkable and memorable experience – well beyond what he considers the low watermark of just satisfying customers.

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