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RCC STORE 22 speakers on The Voice of Retail Podcast

May 18, 2022

Can’t get enough retail insights? Michael LeBlanc, Retail Expert and Podcast Host, interviews some of the most anticipated speakers at the 2022 STORE Conference. Get a sneak peak at the innovation and passion of these celebrated retailers. Still want more? Sign up for STORE today and see them live and in-person May 31st and June 1st, 2022!

London Drugs and the DNA of being different

We are thrilled to be celebrating the 200th episode with Clint Mahlman, the President and COO at London Drugs. From growing up in the stores to leading the company through a global pandemic, Clint reflects on the ‘DNA of being different’, always learning, and what it means to show up for your community.

At STORE 22, Clint will participate in a panel of experts discussing the retail supply chain, innovations in technology, and empowering customers to shop in new and interesting ways.

Building, nurturing, and keeping high performance retail teams with Jeff Tate, CIO at Henry’s, and Ian Rosen, EVP Strategy & Digital, Harry Rosen

Michael is thrilled to welcome Jeff Tate, Chief Innovation Officer at Henry’s, and Ian Rosen, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Digital, with Harry Rosen. They delve into the dynamics of managing and building a high performance team through the COVID era, and how to bring the values of DEI to life inside each and every retail organization.

Hear Ian Rosen speak at STORE 22 on the importance of putting people first, in his session ‘The Future of Work: Humanizing Connections in a Digital World’. The session will discuss how to make connections and maintain customer and staff connections in an increasingly digitized world.

If you are a retail marketer in Canada, chances are pretty good you know Eric Morris. Podcast host Michael LeBlanc has known Eric for well over a decade, and he learns something new every time they catch up. Google Canada’s Managing Director of Retail has been at this ‘dent the universe’ company for nearly twenty years – in fact, he’s one of the original 500. Over the course of his career, he has witnessed vast growth within Google and across the industry, and their evolving relationship with retailers in Canada.

In this episode of The Voice of Retail podcast, Eric and Michael unpack the latest topics at the intersection of technology and retail. Together, they break down key forecasts and trends, and address some surprising misconceptions about the tech giant.

In an increasingly competitive retail environment, Eric underlines Google’s commitment to Canadian retailers – both big and small – and tackles the tough issues that come from the platforms growth and sophistication for advertisers of all sizes.

Catch Eric at STORE 22 and hear his insights on digital marketing in the 2022 Holiday season.

Top global retail strategist and educator Carl Boutet on the state of retail and the great acceleration

Michael LeBlanc welcomes back retail educator and global retail strategist Carl Boutet. Together they catch up face-to-face in a wide-ranging conversation around retail education, the great acceleration two years on, the future of globalization and the role of innovation.

Tune in to discover whether Carl is a metaverse skeptic or optimist.

The show welcomes a special pop-in guest joining us to talk retail innovation in grocery, Michael’s partner from The Food Professor podcast, and a long-time friend and colleague of Carl, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois.

See both Carl and Dr. Sylvain at STORE 22. Find out more about their sessions here.

Leger WOW In-Store & Digital Experience Awards with Christian Bourque & Luc Dumont

Our host Michael LeBlanc is joined by Christian Bourque, Executive Vice-President and Senior Partner at Leger in Montreal and Luc Dumont Vice President CPG at Léger based in Toronto. Together Christian and Luc present their study and the winners in each category.

Tune in as Michael kicks off the livestream with an overview of retail trends followed by a live and interactive discussion on what makes a retail brand remarkable in the modern retail age.

At RCC STORE 22, Christian Bourque will reveal the insights from Leger’s new book, Cracking the Quebec Code. Christian reveals the seven character traits that make Quebecers unique and will set retailers up for success to crack the code and connect with customers in meaningful ways.

Retail veteran Vicki Bradley on retail leaders and leaders of the future

With a storied retail career in sales and operations roles from the Northern Group to the President of The Bombay Furniture Company and then at Hr2 by Holt Renfrew, plus a stint on the board of directors at RCC, Vicki now turns her talents to executive coaching.

From senior C-level executives to junior managers just starting out, through her coaching practice and Women in Leadership Empowered online community, Vicki is sending the elevator back down to help retail leaders and leaders of the future discover their full potential.

Catch Vicki at STORE 22 in her session, Putting Mental Health into Focus with Henry’s CEO, Gillian Stein.

Digital strategy in changing times with Kais Makhlouf, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Thinkmax

Kais Makhlouf, VP & Commerce Practice Lead at Thinkmax Consulting, leverages his decades of hands-on experience developing and refining digital strategies for retailers. Focusing on their needs, priorities and pre-existing digital ecosystems, Kais helps retailers navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Kais lets us into his world of digital strategy development. Kais and Michael LeBlanc talk about Kais’ experience in the industry, changing trends and impacts of the pandemic.

At RCC STORE 22, Kais will participate in the discussion, More than eCommerce: The Path to Digital Growth. Follow along as Kais, along with Olivier Roy, Co-Founder and CEO at Leav.co and Carl Boutet, Chief Strategist & Executive Advisor at Studio RX, discuss how Leav.co worked closely with Thinkmax to enhance the customer experience with an intuitive in-store mobile self-checkout solution. 

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