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Independent Retailers on The Voice of Retail Podcast

September 27, 2022

At Retail Council of Canada, we know that independent retailers and small business owners are the backbone of Canadian retail, creating innovations across all sectors and continuously engineering solutions to modern problems.

To celebrate Small Business Month, RCC has compiled interviews with some of Canada’s most brilliant independent retailers and entrepreneurs to share insights, provide solutions, and help others realize their potential.

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Upper District CEO & Founder Karly Gramlich takes us through sustainable, scaleable luxury retail brands

July 4th, 2022

Meet Edmonton-based entrepreneur and sustainable brand maven Karly Gramlich. Karly talks about her leap of faith to pursue a passion and develop sustainable luxury fashion and accessories for the modern professional with her brand and online retail store Upper District. Karly also shares with us how her personal journey has built the resilience and fortitude to take Upper District to the next level on the global stage.

Meet Shashi Behl, Joydrop CEO and Retail Council of Canada’s Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year

May 24th, 2022

Canadian retailer Joydrop was just named 2022 Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year by Retail Council of Canada. Shashi Behl, Joydrop’s CEO and founder, is my special guest for this episode.

When Shashi opened Joydrop, a retailer that sells unique jewelry and accessories, Shashi infused her new business with the ethos that it be a platform for female designers – local, national, and international – to showcase their designs and tell their stories.

Taking employee engagement to the next level with Jenny Posthumus, Director, Fire & Flower Cannabis

May 9th, 2022

Meet Jenny Posthumus, Director, Employee Experience Fire and Flower. Jenny tells us about leveraging her five years in the cannabis space into 25 years of practical communication and employee engagement. Jenny and host Michael LeBlanc discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of finding, keeping and growing your front-line retail workforce into a decisive sustainable competitive advantage with crucial tools that make a real difference.

Celebrating episode #300 with serial retail innovator Ethan Song on life after Frank & Oak and the new world of retail NFTs

May 2nd, 2022

Ethan joins Michael LeBlanc with Frank & Oak in the rearview mirror to talk about thoughts on post-COVID retail and his latest venture, RareCircles. His mission with RareCircles is to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and brands to build deeper relationships with their communities through NFTs and blockchain technology. But what does all that even mean? Why should retailers even pay attention to NFTs and Web 3.0? Ethan gives us the 101 and then the advanced lesson on what comes next.

Winning online with Veteran Retailer & Head of eCommerce for Vega, Andrew Cherwenka

April 11th, 2022

For the last in-person episode recorded live in my Las Vegas pop-up podcast studio at Shoptalk #2022 pop-up recording studio, Michael LeBlanc is thrilled to welcome back to the podcast long time friend and colleague, veteran retail technologist, Andrew Cherwenka.

Andrew shares his observations and learnings from the show, including live-streaming on major platforms, DTC success factors, unique product placement concepts, and how to win with Amazon.

The art of retail reinvention with Linda Maslechko, Chief Reinvention Officer

April 1st, 2022

Michael LeBlanc first met the impressive Linda Maslechko in her dual role of owning an award-winning retail apparel brand was a disruptor in its niche and serving the Canadian retail community on RCC’s Board of Directors.

In a compelling interview, she takes us through her professional history and the process she now uses to merge experience and reinvention frameworks to help retailers and other businesses get ready for what comes next.

Founders of The Citizenry, Rachel Bentley & Carly Nance: Best of the Remarkable Retail podcast

March 4th, 2022

Co-hosts Steve Denis and Michael LeBlanc welcome Rachel Bentley and Carly Nance, the co-founders of The Citizenry, the Dallas-based, fast-growing, thoughtfully designed, ethically crafted, home furnishing company. They dig into the inspiration for the brand, the “white space” they seek to address. and how social impact is at the center of what they stand for.

Hanna Andersson’s CEO on guiding a brand through change: Best of Conversations with CommerceNext podcast

February 28, 2022

From McKinsey to Gap Inc. and beyond, Sally stands on a full and bright career at the forefront of innovative retail brands. She calls on her experience as a seasoned strategist, operator and mother as she walks us through her role as CEO, turning around the Portland-based, beloved children’s fashion brand Hanna Andersson.

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