Flyer Distribution Standards Accreditation

The Flyer Distribution Standards accreditation signals a distributor’s strict compliance with the six-step flyer accreditation process. The six steps include:

  • Receiving product
  • Packaging
  • Truck loading
  • Delivery
  • Verification
  • Non-delivery resolution

Distributors must continually monitor their adherence to each of these six steps and undergo an accreditation conducted by one of two appointed audit organizations.

The six-step accreditation process is comprised of a cumulative count of 65 criteria. Every year, the auditors evaluate all distribution centres’ adherence to these 65 criteria and formally present these findings now to Retail Council of Canada. Evaluating close to 5,000 pieces of data reveals how the industry is meeting each of the 65 criteria comprising the six-step accreditation process. Accreditation is achieved by scoring 87.5% or more on the total points making up the 65 criteria.

Click here to view the Six-Step Accreditation Checklist

Auditor Information

CCAB, Division of BPA Worldwide
Tim Peel, VP
Phone: 416-487-2418

Alliance for Audited Media
Contact: Angie Sanna, Director, Client Solutions
Phone: 647-793-7341

Quotes for accreditation service can be obtained by contacting the audit organization in order to apply for accreditation or re-accreditation.

Cooling-Off Period

What if a distribution/product fails to meet the Accreditation Standards?
At any stage of the accreditation process – during the course of an assessment contact, site audit or review audit – the Auditor/Accreditation Agency may identify expected outcomes not being met by the distribution centre/product.

What is a timetable for improvement?
When a distribution centre/product fails to meet the Accreditation Standards, the Accreditation Agency may put the centre/product on a timetable for improvement (TFI) to a maximum of 90 days*. A timetable for improvement sets out the improvements and the maximum time allowed to address the expected outcomes not being met.

The Auditor/Accreditation Agency monitors the distribution centre’s progress in meeting the Accreditation Standards.

What happens if the centre/product does not meet the standards at the end of the 90-day timetable?
It is vital that the distribution centre/product resolves the issues promptly, and in any event, by the end of the 90-day * timetable. If not, the Auditor/Accreditation Agency may conduct a review audit and may suspend the product’s accreditation.
*The 90-day timetable is determined from the date of expiry of the accreditation, not the audit date and may be extended subject to the schedule of the auditor.

Accredited Distributors
When a distribution centre has been accredited, all newspaper and flyer products handled through that centre are also accredited. The roster of all accredited distribution centres is updated on a monthly basis. The current roster of accredited distribution centres can be obtained by accessing the link below:

Accredited Distributors Link

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