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What is the “lockdown top-up,” or “lockdown support”?

Lockdown top-up refers to extra support available through the federal CERS rent relief program for retailers subject to COVID-19-related public health orders. Established as a rent subsidy for businesses hurt by COVID-19, the CERS program ended on October 23, 2021.

Retroactive application for earlier time periods remains possible. If you had to close or cease certain activities at one or more of your locations under a public health order for one week or longer, you may be eligible for lockdown support of up to 25% of eligible expenses per affected location based on the days the order was in place.

Retailers should be aware that if they do not qualify for the base CERS subsidy in a given claim period, they will also not be eligible to apply for lockdown support during that claim period.

RCC’s CERS overview contains more information. 

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