What kind of restrictions from a COVID-19-related public health order are eligible for lockdown support?

Lockdown support during the Omicron surge may be available to qualifying retailers under the temporary Local Lockdown Program (LLP). Under this program, applicants do not need to show a full lockdown order to access financial support. Showing reduced capacity can still be enough to qualify, IF

  1. One or more of the retailer’s locations is subject to a health order that effectively reduces capacity at that location by 50% or more, and;
  2. Activities restricted by the order made up at least 50% of the retailer’s total qualifying revenues in the prior reference period.

Unless extended, Local Lockdown Program subsidies will be unavailable for any days before December 19, 2021, and after March 12, 2022. View LLP Overview.

Retroactive applications are also still possible for the last few claim periods of the old form of lockdown support (“the Lockdown Top-up”) under the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) program. The CERS, and its specific form of lockdown support, ended on October 23, 2021. View CERS Overview.

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