Canada Post: The Evolution of e-commerce in Canada – the insights you need for success

May 16, 2019

Canada Post

As a business, today’s online retailing is an all-in effort. From marketing to customer service, from your product mix to your operations, from testing which perks to offer to knowing the right metrics to watch – you need to succeed on every front.

Canada Post recently conducted an exclusive research study that asked 5,000 Canadian online shoppers what’s in their cart, how much they buy, what they expect, what technology they use and much more. The study reveals how e-commerce in Canada has evolved in the last two years and where businesses should focus to better compete and succeed.

In this webinar, Ingie Harrison of Canada Post will dive deep into key research insights. You’ll learn about:

  • The changes in Canadian e-commerce
  • An emerging new customer segment – the HYPER+ shopper
  • Growth opportunities
  • What consumers want
  • New technology to watch

By getting a better understanding of the rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce in Canada and the online shopper segments leading the way, retailers will set themselves up for continued growth.

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