Pop-up stores in your brand-building strategy

Nov 3, 2017

Webinar hosted by CDX with guest presenter Linda Farha, President of Zenergy.

Pop-up retail, also known as “flash retailing” uses short-term or small-format sales spaces to generate brand profile and revenues. Pop-up stores usually appear in high traffic pedestrian areas or as a store within a store. 

Brands and retailers in virtually every category, including those with strong brick and mortar or online presence, are using pop-up as a marketing and consumer engagement strategy. The value of pop-up stores in 2018 will be an estimated $50 billion. Pop-ups are fast and inexpensive to activate and operate while offering consumer insights that can drive marketing and facility investment.

In this webinar you will learn….

  • Why pop-up can be an ideal strategy for generating brand or retail profile and consumer engagement
  • How to plan your pop up project.
  • What factors make a pop-up successful?
  • How digital engagement is useful to maximizing pop up results.

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