Retailers across Canada can count on Retail Council of Canada (RCC)

February 8, 2013

'Country pricing' a cause of Canada-U.S. price gaps

Retail Council of Canada head Diane Brisebois says manufacturers 'cannot justify' the high markups Canadian shoppers face. (CBC)

Manufacturers claim that Canadian prices are higher due to labour and transportation costs, tariffs, the smaller Canadian market and other issues. Brisebois says those issues should only cause slight price increases, but such high double-and triple-digit markups are indefensible.

“Retail Council of Canada is the largest retail association that advocates solely for merchants in this country (99% of RCC's members are retailers),” Brisebois said. “The association is not conflicted as it knows who it serves day in and day out and it will never shy away from hard-hitting issues - issues that often impact retailers' ability to grow and better serve their customers in every community in this country.”

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