Certified Jewellery Retail Professional Program


Certified jewellery retail professional Canad's first retail certification for jewellers

The Certified Jewellery Retail Professional Program (CJRP) is specifically designed for the retail jewellery manager. Participants will be introduced to the world of jewellery store management and build the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful jewellery store.

The certification program, designed by specialists from The Canadian Jewellers Association and Retail Council of Canada, consists of 14 online self-directed e-learning modules. The curriculum focuses on critical retail industry information and provides online tools and resources that will assist in developing and refining the unique business skills required for jewellery store management.

Topics Include:

  • Professional Skills 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Jewellery Store Management 
  • Business Protection
  • Sales Skills 
  • Law and Legislation 
  • Planning Skills 
  • Communication Skills
  • Human Resource Skills
  • Operations Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Administrative Skills
  • Business Succession Planning

Completion of the program will earn candidates the Certified Jewellery Retail Professional  (CJRP) designation.  The CJRP designation will be awarded to participants who:

  • Complete the Jewellery Retail Professional Program content;
  • Pass a multiple-choice examination;
  • Pass a performance interview conducted by We Check; and
  • Log one year of on-the-job experience working in jewellery industry.

For more information contact:
Beth Chapman at Canadian Jewellers Association, [email protected] 1-800-580-0942; or
Marcie Wenn at Retail Council of Canada, [email protected] 1-888 -373-8245 ext 320

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For more information regarding registration,
email or call: 
[email protected], 1-888-373-8245