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MySTORE - Independent Retailer Pinterest Board

Send us pictures of you and your staff in your store and we’ll add it to our Pinterest Board of proud independent retailers. Independent retailers all across Canada go above and beyond to serve their customers and communities with passion and dedication. We want to showcase the faces and storefronts of Canada's most invested, dedicated and passionate retailers from every province.

On this board, you will find passionate retailers, innovative spaces and the products and services that set them apart. We invite any retailer to submit photos of their stores, community, staff, events and fundraisers.

Submissions: To be included on MySTORE’s Independent Retailer Pinterest Board, we encourage you to send your submissions to [email protected]. We welcome images from your store, of you & your staff, from events and successes or your community.

To make the most of your involvement and your posts, we encourage you to send us your website, Facebook page or Twitter feed. We will post your photos & links to help new customers discover your store!

View the latest submissions here.

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