Protect your business


Protect your team

Health and safety is critical to every business. Read these toolkits to better understand your obligations and share them with your team to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
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    The Health and Safety Checklist
    Making your Store Safe
    Preventing Workplace Injuries
    Setting up a Health & Safety System in your Small Business
    Safety Posters for your Store

Reduce loss

Protect your revenue from costly losses. Learn how to identify the cause and implement the solution using these loss prevention tools.
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    Security Self-Assessment
    Securing your Store with Tactics and Teamwork
    Responding to Robberies
    Loss Prevention Dos and Don’ts
    Bank of Canada Security Resources for New Polymer Bank Notes
    Preventing Loss to Increase Profit *

Plan for the worst (but hope for the best)

MySTORE has a variety of benefit programs to help you minimize your small business risk.
documents business planning for the worst

    Preparing your Team for the Unexpected
    Starting Over after a Disaster
    High Security Cheques from NEBS (Members save 15%)
    Preferred Pricing on Personal Car and Home Insurance
    Individual Life and Health Insurance
    Travel Insurance