Independent Booksellers


Welcome Independent Booksellers!

Retail Council of Canada is now representing independent booksellers throughout Canada through our MyStore Community! The Canadian Booksellers Association is now officially part of the Retail Council of Canada and we are happy to welcome a growing and thriving membership of independent booksellers.

Independent booksellers are stronger together! We invite all of Canada’s independent booksellers to join the MyStore Community to lend strength to our vibrant and growing community of booksellers to help Retail Council of Canada advocate and develop programs that support and encourage the health of independent bookstores. Interested in becoming a member? Contact our team [email protected] today.

Our bookseller members have access to all of the amazing discount, educational, networking, and information programs that our MyStore members have access to, with complementary services to fit their unique niche.

Below are some Quick Links for booksellers:

  • Join MyStore to be added to our map of booksellers at!
  • Order bookstore supplies through our Bookseller Service House! Members receive a substantial discount on orders
  • Join our Bookseller Committee Meetings to network with your peers, help us make plans for new programming, and to discuss issues, successes and challenges booksellers are facing
  • Receive book-retailing specific news in our weekly eNewsletter, and view our weekly coast-to-coast independent bestseller lists
  • Your membership supports initiatives like Authors for Indies Day 
  • Your membership includes access to all of the benefits offered to our MySTORE members 

Quick Links for MySTORE Members

The communities that form around independent bookstores are a unique intersection of art, business, community and self-improvement, and provide community spaces unlike any other, and independent bookstores are a key element to maintaining a thriving and developing book industry in Canada. Retail Council of Canada is proud to represent independent booksellers, and look forward to providing more programs, services and opportunities to help our booksellers grow. 

If you are interested in joining our growing membership of independent booksellers across the country, please contact [email protected] or call us at 1-877-790-4271