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RCC joins industry associations in asking federal government to prioritize Bill C-11

March 16, 2021

Privacy and data protection are critical in our modern economy where Canadians are constantly accessing digital services to support their work, connect with friends and family, engage in e-commerce, and access critical government services.

Cybersecurity risks are at an all time high and consumers deserve strong protections to ensure their personal data is safe. At the same time, companies of all sizes, across all sectors, require a flexible framework which aligns with international standards in order to innovate and reach customers in new markets.

To ensure that consumer data is adequately protected and that Canadian businesses remain competitive, it is imperative for the federal government to establish national standards. Bill C-11 provides an opportunity to modernize Canada’s federal privacy legislation to achieve this goal.

We call on Parliament to prioritize Bill C-11 so this legislation can be debated, important amendments can be adopted, and it can continue to move forward.

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