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Mental Health in Retail: EnAbling Change for Retailers

October 13, 2023

60% of people with a mental health problem or illness won’t seek help for fear of being labeled.

Creating a psychologically healthy and safe workplace in a busy retail environment can be challenging. To successfully implement a support system and educate employees about workplace mental health, strategies must be accessible, easy to meet, and open to feedback.

Join Mikhaila Skehor from the Mental Health Commission of Canada in this crucial session aimed at helping retailers to cultivate an environment in which employees living with mental illness feel comfortable seeking help, treatment and support, including:

  • Effectively communicating to your frontline staff the profound impact their well-being has on the retail environment
  • Equipping your teams with the skills to communicate empathetically, listen actively, and respond effectively with their colleagues and their customers
  • Measuring the success of Psychological Health and Safety initiatives within your organization by celebrating wins and pinpointing areas of improvement.

Set your business and your team on the right path for a successful journey towards a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is proud to introduce the EnAbling Change for Retailers Program designed to help the retail sector create more inclusive employment practices, promote awareness and regulatory compliance, while driving a culture of respect and dignity for people with disabilities.

Kicking off this program is a four-part webinar series offering retailers the essential tools to integrate mental health into their operations, covering topics from the psychological health and safety factors impacting frontline workers to the connection between mental health and DEI. In this series, you’ll hear about psychological supports and programs from specialists in the mental health community, as well as retailers who are bringing mental health to the forefront of their organizations with employee-driven wellness programs.

Upcoming EnAbling Change Webinars:

Other Recorded EnAbling Change Webinars:

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