Johnstone's Benefits


Johnstone's Benefits

Happy Business OwnersRetail Council of Canada has partnered with Johnstone’s Benefits to provide members with a benefits program designed with retailers in mind. It’s cost effective, flexible and easy to manage. It allows small to mid-size retailers to compete with larger organizations in recruiting and retaining top performing employees.

RCC members are part of a large pool of participants that together are able to access benefits that would not be available to individual companies looking for coverage. The Johnstone's program provides RCC members:

Flexibility to meet your unique business needs

Simple Plan Administration - Johnstone’s Benefits provides full administration support accessing specialty insurers, meaning less work for you so you can focus on running your business.

High Quality and Economically Priced Benefits - The group insurance plan for RCC members was designed to offer an affordable solution, regardless of the size of your group.

Has the cost of your benefits plan increased recently? Contact Johnstone's Benefits to see how we can help slow premium increases with built-in cost control. Call 1-800-432-9707, e-mail [email protected] or submit a request.