How may I help you? Interactive Training Course


Customers with disabilities spend approximately $25 billion every year in Canada. Wouldn’t you like to tap into this huge market?

“How May I Help You?: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities” is now available to help businesses attract more customers of all abilities. Retail Council of Canada and Ontario developed this new interactive online training course.

It uses real-life scenarios to teach people how to interact with customers who have a variety of disabilities, including those who:

  • Use assistive devices, such as canes or wheelchairs
  • Have an invisible disability, such as a learning or mental health disability
  • Are accompanied by a sign language interpreter
  • Have a support person

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Under Ontario’s landmark accessibility legislation, Ontario’s first standard – for customer service – is now law. The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service sets out rules that businesses and organizations must follow to serve customers with disabilities. ‘How May I Help You?’ supports the training requirements in the standard.

Find out how you can make your business more attractive to people of all abilities.

Welcome to the "How May I Help You: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities?" e-learning module.

This course is designed to be accessible to everyone including learners with disabilities. You can navigate with the use of a keyboard, review the course with a screen reader (JAWS) and run closed captioning.

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To download the course simply choose the appropriate file type from the links found below and "save as” Please note that all downloadable files are zipped.

Options for those Companies without a Learning Management System:

Flash Version:
Non Scorm Flash with printable quiz and answer key for Managers:
Technical Requirements:  Must be able to support Flash 6 on their web server)

Flash (Non-Scorm Package) – English (zip)

Flash (Non-Scorm Package) – French (zip)

HTML Version:
HTML Jaws Reader Friendly version with printable quiz and answer key for Managers
Ideal for companies systems that do not support flash

Non-Scorm Package - HTML – English (zip)

Non-Scorm Package - HTML – French (zip)

For companies who have a Learning Management System:

SCORM Version:
SCORM 1.2 Flash Module with embedded quiz and HTML Jaws Reader option

SCORM Package – English

SCORM Package – French

At you will find information and resources to help comply with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

To place an order for the course on CD please email [email protected].