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Current Issue: cover The Brick-and-Mortar Issue 2018

In this issue:

*EXCLUSIVE: The Hallmark of a personalized approach
In this age of intense retail competition, Hallmark Canada is differentiating itself through unique store designs, creating personalized, local experiences for the communities they operate in.

The brick-and-mortar store transformed
Retail stores as we’ve come to know and shop them are experiencing extraordinary pressures to evolve. Find out how leading retailers are adapting, transforming the in-store experience.

Material changes: reimagining the store design
As the retail industry continues to evolve and consumer behaviour and preferences change, so too do the designs and materials used in the development of retail environments.

Physical attraction: retailers innovate in an age of disruption
E-commerce is on the rise and consumer tastes are shifting. And physical retail is morphing to adapt to consumer preferences.

The role of technology in keeping brick-and-mortar retail alive
Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead. But boring, inefficient retail is. Find out how technologies can invigorate the physical store.

Brick and mortar 2.0
Digital technologies are helping to revolutionize the retail industry. Find out how savvy retailers are using digital to improve the in-store experience and enhance the customer journey.

Mobilizing the frontline
The ways customers shop today is changing, leading many within the industry to equip store staff with the tools to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

Special in this issue:

The Ripple effect
Retailers using sales transactions to measure visitor traffic are underestimating their numbers by 90 per cent. Overcome business challenges with Halo Metrics’ Ripple 2.0.

Beyond the traditional POS
The traditional POS system—meant to complete purchases—is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, it’s integrated into the overall business operation, providing unique benefits.

Previous Issue: cover The Marketing Issue 2018

In this issue:

Social influencers are transforming the world of marketing and the way consumers find out about products and services. And savvy retailers are joining the conversation to help build their brands and strengthen their businesses.

Re-tailoring the customer experience
Leading retailers are reimagining the shopping journey. Find out how they’re driving increased physical traffic to brick-and-mortar locations through the creation of immersive, personalized instore experiences and curated services for their customers.

Micro moments become much more than the sum of their parts
Retailers are leveraging technology and data to enable richer, more meaningful connections with their customers, and honing in on their behaviours to be able to communicate with them when it means the most.

Voice-first: the future?
The retail industry is changing rapidly, hastened by the continued development and adoption of different technologies. Voice-assistant devices are next on the horizon, an innovation with the capability to transform the future of retail.

VR and AR and the new frontier in retailing
Virtual and augmented realities are finding a home in retail, disrupting the way goods and services have been traditionally marketed and sold. Learn how some retailers are leading the charge through innovative use of this cutting-edge technology.

Do you know who your mobile customer is?
As Canadian marketers continue to grapple with the complexities of mobile attribution, Canadian Retailer explores the ways leading retailers are leveraging data and technology to target their customers in the mobile age.

Special in this issue:

Breaking through in the digital age
Canadian Retailer speaks with Howard Chang, President and CEO of Top Drawer Creative, about the ways a good story can set brands apart from their competitors and build meaningful connections with their consumers.

The mobilization of retail
Mobile is here to stay. Find out how the integration of mobile technologies into the sales floor and payments systems can eliminate friction from the shopping journey, making way for a more engaging in-store experience.

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