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Retail Conditions Report

Each quarter, Retail Council of Canada surveys members from coast to coast to bring you the latest news on the retail industry's performance across Canada. The Retail Conditions Report provides members with valuable, real-time insight into consumer behaviour, best practices in retailing, trends and economic conditions.

Forecast 2021

“It’s Déjà vu All Over Again”

As the pandemic grinds on and many retailers in critical parts of the country come out of almost 90 days of operating restrictions, thoughts turn to the vaccine and variants and confidence that the industry is becoming adept at navigating the COVID era.

With many retailers facing almost ninety days of lockdowns, restrictions and forced closures as “non-essential retail” in key markets such as Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, our narrative around the retail environment is in large part a repeat of our December report – with the worst-case scenario coming to pass. Retailers report that Holiday momentum was strong heading towards Christmas, but after a solid start to December...

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