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Current Issue: Food & Grocery Issue 2019

In this issue:

Is omnichannel ripe for the picking?
Around the world, grocery eCommerce is growing in leaps and bounds. So, why are Canadian grocers still so green with respect to this massive opportunity?

Ensuring safe food for Canadians
Understanding the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) and how it impacts your business can help you mitigate risks and compete in the world market.

The mobile grocery experience
Grocers are digitizing food shopping, removing friction from the trip and providing added value to the customer, enhancing the grocery experience and their brand appeal.

The Great Canadian shopping trip
Canadians love to shop for their food. But, how often are their trips? And, what do they seek from their experiences?

The rise of specialty grocery retailers in Canada
Smaller-format grocery stores continue to expand in Canada, gaining market share from the bigger players while catering to the preferences of today’s time-starved consumer.

Making it personal
Customer data and the right technologies are helping to create consistently personalized experiences across all channels. Find out how it can be done and the resulting opportunities.

Meat’ing demand
Recent reports might suggest a decline among Canadians’ demand for meat. However, reality in total basket at today’s grocery checkout says otherwise.

Lining up your ducks
Digital technology is allowing retailers to place individual customers at the centre of a unified field of purchasing touchpoints and elevate the retail experience.

Starting with the customer
Retailers have a ton of customer data. Leveraging it, in combination with the science of behavioural economics, can help them make better, more informed business decisions.

The race to trace
Food traceability supports safety and the wellbeing of Canadians across the country. It also helps satisfy a desire from businesses and consumers alike for more actionable information.


Special in this issue:

Mark of ‘egg’cellence
New industry-wide initiative assures Canadians the quality of their eggs with a mark of certification right on the carton.


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