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Brand partnerships take new turn
Brand-retailer partnerships have been a mainstay for years. But today, they are taking on whole new permutations, from popup extravaganzas to digital flyer programs – all in the hopes of gaining market share, keeping existing customers, and reaching untapped markets, among other drivers.

Return of the mall
For years, the North American shopping mall was said to be dead on its feet. Now, a new generation of developers and retailers are bringing them back to life as vibrant, community live/work spaces, to the benefit of retailers, landlords, and the entire community.

Special from Salesforce:
Discovery, experience and fulfillment
Despite the proliferation of eCommerce and the potential posed by digital technologies, the tactile, human elements that can only be enjoyed within a physical retail store are still very much a critical part of the Canadian retail experience. Find out how customers are interacting with retailers in the physical space and how it serves to satisfy their wants and needs.

International retailers enter Canada at a rapid pace
More than 50 international brands entered the Canadian market in 2017 by opening stores. In 2018, more than 30 planted their flag in this country. The momentum is ongoing and the number of international retailers entering Canada in 2019 has surpassed that of the year before.

Go East: shopping centre redevelopment in the Maritimes
In efforts to enhance the shopping experience for consumers in the Maritimes, landlords and developers have invested millions of dollars into the regions malls, revitalizing, reinvigorating and reimagining the Maritime shopping centre.

Downtown Montreal seeing incredible retail boom
Montreal is seeing significant investments amid an incredible transforma­tion, including the addition of a number of retailers on Ste-Catherine Street, making the city one of North America’s most desirable destinations for locals and visitors to the city alike.

Special from Samsung Electronics:
Stopping power: the new way to an immersive shopping experience

How do you make a lasting impression on your shoppers? How do you entice them to spend more time in your store? One way is to give them a truly captivating and exclusive experience. The latest in digital screen technology developed by Samsung Electronics allows stores to do this, helping to create even more outstanding spatial and aesthetic effects.

Transformative approach: Reimagining of retail destinations creating exciting in-store experiences
Eataly recently opened the doors of its Manulife Centre location in Toronto, inviting visitors to explore the unique space. It features a combination of restaurants overseen by the talents of many chefs, cafés, to-go eateries, fresh counters, a grocery market as well as a lower-level brewery. It’s being hailed as the future of food and grocery retail, presenting visitors with a unique retail experience while satisfying the need for speed and convenience.

Are in-store and eCommerce experiences aligned?
Consumer behaviour continues to evolve as a desire for speed and convenience grows unabated, fuelling the expansion and need for eCommerce. Despite this, however, the physical retail store remains critical to the retail experience. Find out what leading retailers are doing to connect the in-store experience with eCommerce to drive growth on both channels.

Special in this Issue:

Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Shopping Centre Study 2019
This annual Study provides an analysis of Canada’s top 30 shopping centres based on annual sales per square foot productivity and annual visitor counts, as well as providing a look ahead at the Canadian shopping centre of the future.

Special from Engagement Agents:
Making mall marketing more effective
When retailers make investments to bolster their business – whether the investment involves acquiring the latest technological gadget, employee training, sustainable practices, or anything else – they generally want to make sure they squeeze the most value out of every penny spent. The same is true when it comes to their marketing dollars. Find out how Engagement Agents help retailers across North America fully leverage their already-paid-for shopping centre marketing dollars and rive traffic to their stores.

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