Government Relations Flag Reports

The breadth and scope of issues that Retail Council of Canada is addressing with federal, provincial and municipal governments continues to grow. The Flag Report provides summaries of these issues and lists them according to their possible impact on your business. Note: This report is available to RCC members-only. Not sure if you're a member or interesting in joining? Find out more and access RCC's exclusive resources. The Summer 2019 Report provides summaries of over 95 issues that RCC is managing with governments across Canada. The report's Executive Summary highlights key signature files that are the focus of GR work including:

  • Canada-United States Trade
  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of RCC’s government relations team on any of the issues in the Flag Report. RCC is pleased to continue serving you as a strong and proud Voice of Retail across Canada.
  • Credit Card Interchange Rates
  • Minimum Wage and Employment Standards
  • Labour Disputes Impacting Retail Operations
  • Liberalization of Beer and Wine Sales
  • Food Regulation, Labelling and Marketing
  • Single-Use Plastics/ waste reduction;
  • Recycling of Printed Paper, Packaging and Other Material
  • Reinstatement of a Visitors Sales Tax Rebate
  • Privacy Regulation
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