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StatCan posted the retail numbers for July on September 21, 2018, indicating a +0.3% growth in sales – a growth number that met the forecasts by the big Canadian banks.

Gasoline is up from June (+1.9%), growth which was nearly entirely driven by prices at the pumps with next-to-no change in the volume of gasoline sold. A major contributor to retail sales growth in July was an increase in sales of food and beverages, which were up by 1.3%, driven by an increase in volume by grocery stores and supermarkets, and by convenience stores. Convenience Stores posted a +3.3% increase over June.

Over all, retail sales continue to grow modestly. Year to date, retail sales ex. Auto & Gas are up 2.8%.

Sales comparison by category vs year ago

Jul 2017 Jul 2018 % Change VYA
furniture icon Furniture and home furnishings stores 1,553,375 1,571,027 1.14%
Electronics and appliance stores 1,284,880 1,416,301 10.23%
Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers 3,094,535 3,257,033 5.25%
Food and beverage stores 10,370,378 10,421,385 0.49%
Health and personal care stores 3,892,570 3,830,602 -1.59%
Clothing and clothing accessories stores 2,801,754 2,947,574 5.20%
Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores 1,070,080 1,057,003 -1.22%
General merchandise stores 5,672,540 5,783,525 1.96%