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National Seasonally Adjusted monthly retail sales (less Autos & Gas) for October 2017 increased 6.7% per cent over the comparable month last year, and increased 1.5 per cent over September 2017.

Retail Council of Canada commentary:

The Regional Story

  • Canadian retail sales increased by 1.5% in October. October 2017’s year-over-year sales are up by 6.7% since October 2016 (p.3).
  • Automotive and gas station sales (up 2.2% from September’s results) grew twice as fast as the rest of the retail sector. Excluding auto and gas, retail sales saw a monthly increase of +1.1% (p.6)

  • The following numbers are seasonally unadjusted and exclude automotive and gas station sales:

  • Ontario sales are up +5.5% on a year-over-year basis, with growth having slowed since mid-year (p.16).
  • British Columbia sales were 4.3% higher than in October 2016 (p.16), also flattening at the back end of the year but after a very strong early and mid-2017.
  • While Saskatchewan’s year-over-year grown was the lowest in Canada last month (+0.4%), New Brunswick led the pack with sales 8.2% higher than in October 2016 (p.16)

The Sectoral Story

  • As with other recent Retail Fast Fact releases, the picture varies depending on whether sales of cars, gasoline and car parts are included in the total. Together, these make up about one-third of total retail sales. Autos were up a 3.9% from September 2017, which may be accounted for in part by fleet sales and possibly some cross-border shopping of vehicles by American purchasers. Given the exchange rate.
  • As noted above, other sectors and indeed the broader patterns in retail are more stable. (p.6)
  • The strongest growth performances in October is found in beer, wine and liquor (+3.7%)
  • On a year-over-year basis, building materials and gardening equipment (+16.4%) led the way, with an honourable mention for electronics and appliances (+9.0%). (p.6)
  • One might hypothesize that the last two categories are doing particularly well with home renovations, which might be strengthening in major centres as new home sales cool.