Francis Mailly

Francis Mailly's photo'

Director, Government Relations (Quebec)


With more than a decade of experience in politics, public relations, communications and public affairs, Francis Mailly joined the RCC in 2019 as a Manager, Government Relations, Grocery Division. His experiences in the House of Commons as Parliamentary Aid and as Communication Director and General Manager of the Mouvement National des Québécois have given him a thorough knowledge of Quebec and government processes. An entrepreneur at heart, Francis has also worked to start a business in the refrigeration sector in addition to his consultant roles. Francis holds an honors MBA from HEC Montréal, a postgraduate degree in public relations and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Laval University.

At RCC, Mr. Mailly manages, among other things, files relating to the various MAPAQ industry committees, bio-food policy, issues relating to food safety and the fight against food waste.

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