Jason McLinton

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Vice-President, Grocery Division and Regulatory Affairs


Jason has over 20 years experience in public and private sector regulatory affairs, both within the federal government as a former regulator with Health Canada, Environment Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada where he designed health and species conservation regulations for Canadians and Canadian industry, and in his current position where he is responsible for government relations with the Retail Council of Canada (RCC). With RCC Jason is primarily responsible to help shape government policy to ensure a resilient and competitive landscape for retailers who operate in Canada, overseeing such files as food safety and labelling, food supply and security, food trade and tariffs, and animal welfare. He chairs RCC’s Food Safety and Regulatory Committee, he founded RCC’s Consumer Product Safety Committee and he is a board member of the National Farm Animal Care Council. He studied history and public policy at Concordia University.

Jason McLinton, VP, Grocery Division and Regulatory Affairs giving testimony on behalf of retailers on the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement.

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