Easy Wins for Energy Savings - Demand Control Ventilation


The majority of commercial buildings are over-ventilated. Left uncorrected, the situation can result in needlessly elevated energy costs. What steps can a retail facility manager (RFM) take to manage the over-ventilation condition that is commonly found in their facilities?
Legacy building codes are the primary reason for the over-ventilation of buildings in Canada. Over-ventilation is one of the largest indirect contributors to a building’s energy use. The fact that a majority of Canadian buildings deliver fresh air to the building’s occupants at a fixed or constant volume represents the heart of the business case for Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) as a retrofit measure.

This webinar will cover:
-What is Demand Control Ventilation, and how does it work?
-What are the benefits and potential energy savings, and where is it applicable?
-A case study of DCV implementation and its benefits for the retailer

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