In-store Traffic & Conversion Study: Keys to Impressive ROI


In this 30 minute webinar, analytics expert and author Mark Ryski will discuss the findings from a traffic and conversion study that included data from over 600 stores across four categories. The focus of the study was to measure the impact that simplified reporting and data-driven coaching for store managers could have on in-store conversion rates and sales productivity.

The results were impressive – the study showed net sales productivity lift of 537 basis points and an average sales productivity increase of $.67 per traffic count.
In addition to the study findings, Mark will discuss how store traffic and conversion data can be used to help measure virtually any in-store experiment.  He will share important lessons learned about the challenges of using the A/B test methodology.

Key Takeaways

  • Why simplifying your data and improving how you present it is so critical

  • How coaching helped store managers activate insights and what the barriers to action were

  • Challenges of measuring and interpreting A/B test results and how to work around them

  • Why store traffic and conversion data are the only truly valid measures for accurately testing virtually any in-store experiment


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