POS Data Breach: What you need to know to protect your retail business


Cyber Criminals are targeting retailers and merchants of all sizes.  What should you be doing to protect your business and your customers:
• Could your data systems be compromised already?
• What are the indicators of a malware attack?
• What steps should you take to better protect your customers’ card data and your business?

iSIGHT Partners (HQ Dallas, TX) will lead the session, based on their ongoing research of the POS Malware Threat. iSight Partners recently collaborated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on a report titled "POS Malware Technical Analysis: Indicators for Network Defenders”.

iSIGHT Partners is recognized for its global leadership in cyber threat intelligence and has been working closely with U.S. security agencies, financial institutions and retailers in response to the latest round of data breaches.