Preventing Common Retail Injuries


Injury prevention means giving workers the information and equipment they need to work safely and protect themselves from injuries at work. Many of the sprains, strains, bruises and cuts that are common in the retail industry are preventable. Every year, these injuries cause needless pain and suffering. They also cost employers and the workers compensation system tens of millions of dollars in claims annually. Preventing injuries is a proactive two-way effort. Employers need to provide staff with a mix of education, training and equipment appropriate to their stores. Workers, in turn, need to use that knowledge to protect themselves and others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are common injuries in Retail?
  • When do injuries happen?
  • How to avoid slips, trips, and falls.
  • What are and how to avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs)?
  • How to teach good safety techniques.